Friday, April 11, 2008

A Tribute to Alden

Today, Alden, you turn seven. It's amazing how quickly time goes by. But how wonderful these seven years have been! When Shawna was only ten weeks along in pregnancy we thought that we lost you, buddy. I cannot even imagine what this life would have been like without you. God knew best. He blessed us seven months later with a joy we never imagined... you.

You have been an inspiration to me, Alden. It has been apparent to me for years that you have an acute ear for spiritual things. The Lord has used you to speak into my life many times. I have prayed that He will use you for the rest of your days.

Today, I pray that again. I pray that you will not struggle with the things that I have. I pray that, like John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit would be on you from birth. I believe He is in you now, Alden. So listen to him. Don't believe all of the people who will tell you that He doesn't speak anymore. He does. And you can quench and even grieve Him if you do not listen. Strange to think that you can quench the Holy Spirit of God, but that is yet another mystery of God's Word... which is the absolute, unchanging, never-failing, Truth.

Be more devoted than those around you. We should feel out of place in this world. Too often, I have felt right at home. Don't compare yourself to others, spiritually: not to your friends and not even to me. Compare yourself to Jesus. Live the way He calls us to live. It will be tough... but He will live through you and help you.

I am so very proud of you. What a blessing you are. You are so smart, so funny, so fun to play baseball and basketball with. I love you, Alden. I will always love you. Happy Birthday.


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Tammy said...

Alden is all those things, what a joy he is in our life. The way he lights up our home when he is here, is unexplainable. We love him so very much. btw. thanks for making me cry. :o)