Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day

I always find church attendance interesting on Mother's Day and Father's Day. On Mother's Day attendance is usually up. It seems that some husbands, who normally do not attend church, feel obligated to go on the second Sunday in May because "mom" asked them to.

Father's Day is different though. Unfortunately, the trend is that fathers' wishes are different. "It's Father's Day! I'm going to sleep in. I'm going to play golf. I'm going to watch golf." Because it's Father's Day, men sometimes feel like their reward should be a day off.

But what is that saying about church? Should church be something we need a vacation from? I hope not. Is our perception of church right when our first thought on a holiday is, "Good, I don't have to go to church today"?

And what about our eternal Father? If it's Father's Day, shouldn't our first thanks go to our perfect Father who adopted us into his everlasting, heavenly Kingdom?

This Father's Day, let us worship. Be a dad worthy of the cards and gifts you'll get by showing your kids what real, godly men do. They worship.

See you on Sunday, dads.


Dad Strickling said...

Timely words Son. Men seem to have a problem with just "who" is in charge of them.... thus, " self-made men", etc. When lightning strikes them on the golf course and they step into the presence of the Father that created them... then they'll know who's in charge.

God bless.... Happy Father's Day

Love you.

Kevin Smith said...

A sign of spiritual maturity is when our desires and passions align with God's desires and passions. What we do and what we don't do and what we talk about and what we don't talk about is an indicator to what are desires and passions are and reveals who we are and to whom we belong. As Martin Luther once said, "We are saved by Faith alone, but Faith is never alone."