Monday, November 16, 2009

Sing for Joy!

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises! Psalm 98:4

Yesterday, during our worship service at Cornerstone, we sang Happy Day by Tim Hughes. It was a wonderful time. There was a room full of people singing for joy! It was beautiful.

I'm sure you've seen people who were singing (or shouting) for joy before. I can think of two quick occasions. First, is birthday parties. I think of mommies and daddies, siblings and friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, all singing that silly Happy Birthday song. So simple and almost always expressed joyfully. I mean, excluding a few occasions where a jealous little girl or boy didn't like someone else getting all the attention, I can't think of a sadly sung Happy Birthday.

The other occasion is an Ohio State football game. I was at the OSU vs Iowa game this past weekend. Exciting? Yes. Loud? Very. Joyful? Definitely. When the buckeyes were winning, people were happy. The band (or recording of Zombie Nation) would play and fans were smiling, cheering, jumping, singing, swinging towels, and having a blast. It's an incredible feeling; so many people elated for a single reason.

Think about the Happy Birthday song for a minute. It's not the song itself that stirs a joyful response, right? No. The people singing love the one they are singing to. They are happy because of that one person. Similarly, no one drops $69 for a football ticket so they like the songs, they love the team. (btw - my ticket was a gift... so THANKS TOM!)

So should our worship be. I mentioned that on Sunday the room was full of people singing for joy, not because everyone was clapping their hands. Several didn't clap. I'm okay with that. I've been to places where people have learned to clap, because that's part of the experience. I also don't say it because everyone was singing as loud as they could. Some weren't. But there was an expression of joy everywhere I looked.

I don't think music style matters at all in this. In fact, I just wish some churches would decide what kind of music they are going to do and then preach a high view of God that will lead people to joyfully respond to Him. Hymn or modern worship song... God is worthy of our joy.

I was encouraged more by the joy than the singing (which was loud) yesterday. It's one of the multitude of reasons I love my church family.

If you have a church family, don't analyze their musical choice. It's your family and you're singing to your Father. If there are drums, sing joyfully. If there's an organ, sing joyfully. Throughout the ages and musical choices, He is worthy.

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