Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Friday

We will again be having Good Friday services in different communities this year. Although the service can be used for your family, we encourage you to invite one or more families from Cornerstone as well as from your community.

To host a service, follow the service plan below. If you would like a CD of the songs to help in the service, please contact the church office to pick one up.

It is a good idea to distribute the passages to different people to read.

For a downloadable service plan as well as lyrics and chords for the songs, go the the Cornerstone Website, then click 'About' and 'Good Friday.'

Good Friday Service Structure

Sing: Amazing Grace
Matthew 26:36-­46
Luke 22:47-­53

Sing: Here I Am to Worship

Mark 14:53-­65
Matthew 26:69-­75

Sing: You Are My King
Matthew 27:1-­2; 11-­23
John 19:1-­16

Sing: Jesus Paid it All
Luke 23:26-­53
Sing: Unashamed
*Pray with family and friends, thanking Jesus for his amazing sacrifice and the blood that He shed to cover your sins.
**You might also prepare to take communion together after singing Unashamed, and the sing Unexplainable Love or just close in prayer.

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