Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Desiring God 25th Anniversary

I am currently in Minneapolis, MN. The convention center to be precise. The Desiring God Pastors Conference ended a few hours ago and I was scheduled to fly home this evening, but the Lord had other plans. The weather has caused the cancellation of both of my flights.

It is not for loss. I will be having dinner with a dear friend and then attending the evening service at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Something I have wanted to do for many years.

Speaking of Bethlehem, I wanted to post this video. It is an interview with John Piper concerning the 25th anniversary of his book, Desiring God. I loved this book. In fact I am hungry to read it again, having seen this video. I commend it (the book) to you. May it encourage your heart toward a happier and all-satisfying relationship with the Lord.

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