Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Silent Treatment

Well, I figure I should probably begin by saying that I'm sorry there hasn't been a post in over a month. Things have been pretty busy, but I'll try to be more consistent with this again.

Since my last post, several things have happened.

A few weeks ago, our friend Corey and Megan moved to Michigan to begin training for the mission field. It has been weird to not have them around. They were part of the launch team at our church and have been involved in leadership since the beginning. Corey was always one of the first to arrive to set up and last to leave. So his absence has been noticable for the past two Sundays. Please pray for them as they are prepared to go into full-time missions. What an awesome blessing to see what God is doing in their lives.

At the church we've been going through the book of Acts. I'll probably be posting more about that in future posts as I want to start using this as a "what-I-would-have-said-if-I could-have-preached-for-2-hours" opportunity.

Anyway, I'll update some more soon. Thanks for your patience with me and for still checking in.


Corey said...

Well, welcome back my friend!!

Joe McComb said...

Yeah blogger!

Tammy said...

Well I so glad you are back. :o) I missed reading your blogs