Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A New Direction

For the next few weeks (probably months), I'm going to be more purposeful with this blog. I read and hear so much about how the church is "changing" and how certain movements (some new, some old) are lessoning their hold on biblical truth, doctrine, and the "strictness" that lies therein.

So, I want to devote some time on this blog to Jesus. What did He say? Was his teaching more or less difficult than the "strictness" that some are walking away from? My approach will be pretty simple. I'm starting at Matthew and will work forward. Each post will be my thoughts on a teaching of Jesus. I will definitely skip some things, but only to focus on those things which I believe are pertinent to this discussion.

And so, I'd love your feedback. I hope that some are encouraged and that some are convicted.

One thing I know. God is trustworthy. When He claims that His Word will never fail... I believe him. So that will continue to be my basis for where the church should go and how it should function.



Tammy said...

I am looking forward to reading and being challenged through the next few months.

kevin said...

Even though I didn't know it, I think this is precisely what I was hoping for this morning, so thanks!