Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Time of Rest

This past week, Shawna and I had the opportunity to "get away" for a few days. My sister and brother-in-law graciously took the boys for us for the week. It was a much needed and undeserved time.

Shawna and I stayed at home for the first couple days doing nothing but whatever-we-wanted. This included seeing "Prince Caspian" on Sunday evening, which I highly recommend. Monday morning we worked around the house. One of our goals was to move the youngest boys to what was our room, move our room to what was the school room and then convert what was the younger boys room into my home office. Seems confusing... but worth it. We did accomplish that and I'm thankful for a place to study on days that I don't want to spend money on gas (I want bother ranting about that).

After spending time working on the house, we decided to go to the Columbus Zoo. We have season passes for the family but always have the boys and therefore their objectives when we usually go. So it was nice to just wander and enjoy being together while looking at cool animals and deciding which we would have as pets in the millennium (Shawna - Moose; Tony - either Lion or Grizzly).

As our time at the zoo wrapped up, we noticed we had exactly enough time to see "Iron Man" and get to our dinner with our friends, Michael and Melanie. I had seen it already, but wanted Shawna to see it too. It was good, again. Has qualified as my favorite superhero movie. Dinner at PeiWei with Michael and Melanie was great... as expected. We ended the day with Graeter's Ice Cream... thanks to a gift card given to us by Melanie!

Wednesday was a lazy morning hanging out at the house and going to Easton Towne Center, before heading to Hocking Hills for our time away. The cabin (I'll post pictures below) was amazing. Quiet, secluded, romantic and just plain wonderful.

We decided to go for a hike down to Rock House. Beautiful hike and wonderful time together. I love my wife. I am so blessed with a beautiful woman who loves God, loves me, and who I love to spend time with. I am thankful that we still genuinely love being together.

Thursday was filled with more hiking (Old Man's Cave and Ash Cave), Amish Buffet for lunch (de-stinking-licious), Putt-Putt golf (it was tied going into the last hole... that's all I'll comment), lots of reading... oh and a nap!

While away, I read "Why We're Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be), written by Kevin Deyoung and Ted Kluck. Great book. I highly recommend it for those interested (and some who aren't) in the topic. Good reminder for me as to why I'm doing what I'm doing.

Friday was again lazy. We packed up, headed home (with a couple stops along the way) and then were very excitedly reunited with the boys. We ended the day with Alden's baseball game... Another win!

Again, I'm thankful for my wife. And I'm thankful for the time... not just with her, but with the Lord. I came back more committed to Scripture than before. I'm grateful for that. I truly want to hear from God in this life. And I am continually reminded that He does speak. And so I open His unchanging, never failing Word and listen, ready to do what He asks.

Back porch reading spot.

Yea, that's right!

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