Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Worship

I want to encourage you to worship and remember today. Here is a simple Good Friday service you can do with your family this evening. If you want, you can invite others to come too. It is focused on a chronological reading of the events that took place around Jesus' betrayal and crucifixion. If you have small children, maybe just sing a verse of Amazing Grace (or another song about Jesus' sacrifice and grace) where singing is encouraged. I'll give you a couple songs to choose from but you can obviously pick something different if you feel it is more fitting or appropriate.

Gather together and sing (Here I am to Worship; Amazing Grace)

Matthew 26:36-46
Luke 22:47-53

Sing (Child of God; Amazing Grace verse)

Mark 14:53-65
Matthew 26:69-75

Sing (You are My King)

Matthew 27:1-2; 11-23
John 19:1-16

Sing (Jesus Paid it All)

Luke 23:26-53

Sing (Amazing Grace)

Pray with your family or friends, thanking Jesus for his amazing sacrifice and the blood that was shed to cover your sins.

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