Thursday, March 12, 2009

Childlike faith, pt 1

Yesterday, at bedtime, Alden was complaining that his ear was hurting. After investigating, it was apparent that he was serious and that his ear was hurting him a lot. He seemed to be in a lot of pain.

So like a good dad, I handed him two junior ibuprofen as he was going to bed. He laid down and I asked who wanted to pray (him or Leif). Alden volunteered right away and I encouraged him to pray about his ear. It was a simple, well-thought (Alden's good about that) prayer.

After he was done, I said to him, "Alden, I want to pray for your ear. I'm going to put my hand on it when I pray." He looked puzzled and asked, "Why?" I told him that the Bible says that if anyone is sick they should have the elders lay hands on them and pray for them. I told him that there was nothing miraculous about what I was doing but that sometimes God decides to heal people when they obey and it was just an act of obedience. He said, "Right now!" (referring to idea that God could heal him right then) I said, "Yes, sometimes God does that and sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he lets us stay sick and uses that. Alden, do you believe that God could heal you right now if he wanted?" He said, very confidently, "Yes."

So I prayed, as I have done many times before with my kids and others. But when I was done, my sons face was glowing. Like, ready-to-explode glowing. He said, "Dad, my ear doesn't hurt anymore!" I said, "Really?" He said, "No. It doesn't hurt at all!" I encouraged him to pray and thank God. He did. Then I said to him, "Alden, God did something miraculous just now. He literally touched your body and healed you." He said, "I think that's the first time He's ever done that to me."

He was still beaming! Shawna went in after I left and he told her everything. She said that he was just so excited. Could hardly contain it.

I learned a few things through this that I want to share... as if the story isn't enough.

1. Doubt. Sometimes my faith in what I read, doesn't match the faith I live. When Alden told me his ear was better, I immediately began to reconcile this with my doctrine, debating in my mind if it REALLY happened. Maybe some of you are doing that now?

2. Childlike faith. I am amazed at the faith of this 7 year old. He trusts the Lord as much as I want to. I see what Jesus meant by the whole faith of a child lesson.

3. Thankfulness. I know God hears me when I pray. However, it is amazing when He chooses to do something that proves it!

There's more to the story. I'll post it as part two.


Tammy said...

Wow, God is so good. Seeing his faith, and hearing this story makes me cry.

MOM said...

Don't we learn so much about faith from our children? And the lessons will never cease as long as our hearts are open - no matter how old those children are ;-)

Thanks for blogging again - I have really missed knowing what is going on in your heart. You are always in our prayers!! We believe in you and in Him and we are proud of you in your walk of faith, too.