Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winning with Discipline

This past week I turned a new page in my life. Running. Some would say that it's a page revisited, because I've started running before. The last time I tried was two years ago. I made it a couple weeks and then stopped. No excuses, I just stopped.

That's why I'm calling it a new page. I have too. I'm turning 36 this month and if I don't start now and keep going, I'll probably never do it. I have a friend who is keeping me accountable, so I'm hopeful. Plus, I'm running in a 5K in May, so I've got to keep going.

Last night was my third run. I started off last week running 1.2 miles. Not that impressive, but to my out-of-shape body (especially in the area of cardio) it seemed like a marathon. I wish I could say that I didn't have to stop and walk some, but I did. On Saturday, my second run, things seemed worse. I think I walked more then than the first time.

But last night was different. I started off at a good pace and when I reached the spot where I wanted to quit the last two times, I felt fine. In fact, I kept feeling fine. I ran the whole 1.2 miles without a stop.

I have to tell you, it was encouraging. I felt like I got passed the "why in the world am I doing this" stage. I'm not saying that it will be that easy from here out... but I felt great and was glad to be a runner.

It made me think of what we've been talking about on Sundays. This past week I mentioned that we've got to be devoted to God's word. Not just 20 minutes a day, but as much as we can. We'd never say that 20 minutes a day with our spouse will cut it, so why are we patting each other on the back when we finally reach 20 minutes with Jesus?

It may seem like a marathon to set aside that much time each day at first, but soon you'll feel the value of time with the Lord. It will not only become easier, you will want it. You'll miss it. You'll look forward to being with the Lord. You'll wake up excited about your time with Him.

I'm finding that myself. How sweet it is to open the word and hear the voice of Almighty God!

I'll leave you with something God said to me, today:
"I count the stars and call them all by name. How great I am! My power is absolute!" Psalm 147:4-5 (first person)


Shawna said...

Keep it up honey... both in your physical wellness goals and in your spiritual goals. Your children and I are watching and being challenged and encouraged by your example.

Joe McComb said...

Good stuff bro! The blog looks great too. I like the layout.